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Shuzworld case study task 1

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Subject: Task 1

  1. Improving the current workflow

To enhance the present workflow, it is important for the management to arrange the production process such that there are five workstations where each workstation has its own task.

  1. AI) Justification of rec8ommendation

            In order to determine the minimum number of stations that will enhance efficiency at the plant, one needs to determine the cycle time (Heizer & Render, 2010).

Cycle time = Production Time available per day/ Units required per day.

Since, there are 40 work hours in a week; we can assume each day has 8 hours and 60 minutes allowed for work per hour


The cycle time =  10 minutes per unit which is the time between completion of units.

To determine the minimum number of work stations, we proceed as follows

Min # of work stations =


= 4.6

Therefore, the minimum number of stations is approximately, 5 stations. This arrangement is 92% efficient as illustrated below.

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