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Chemistry help Questions

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  1. Alpha emission can be described as the process of radioactive decay of nucleus producing alpha particles.

Alpha radiation: are the rays that contain alpha particles after radioactivity decay.

Beta emission: is a process of decay whereby a proton is changed into a neutron by radioactivity.

Beta radiation: are rays produced as a result of beta emission.

Chemical reaction: process of combination of substances to form new products.

Down quarks: are second lightest and forms the neutrons and protons.

Electron: negatively charged subatomic particles found in a fixed volume around the nucleus.

Fission: splitting of an unstable radioactive nuclide to form smaller nuclides with release of radioactive radiations.

Fusion: is the combination of smaller radioactive nuclides to form larger nuclides with emission of radioactive radiations.

Gamma emission: process of producing electromagnetic rays of very high energy photons by radioactivity.

Gamma radiation: rays of enormously high frequency produced in gamma decay.

Shuzworld Task 4 -Case Study

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SLIDE 1: Recommendation

In order for Shuzworld store to sit in their prime target markets, it is important to carry out careful analyses on the three options;

  1. leasing an existing box store on Route 20 the stand alone option
  2. store in the Auburn Mall or do nothing
  3.  prepare for the best time to enter into the market


 The most advisable option to go for is the stand alone store since it will have a very significant profit potential in case of favorable market conditions making a profit of $ 700, 000 and in case there is unfavorable market conditions it will make a loss of $ 500, 000. From the decision tree, the EMV of this decision is $230000. If the company goes for the option of Auburn Mall store, it will not make a profit as the case of stand - alone store because Auburn mall store has a small inventory square footage, and there is no store traffic.  For this option, the company makes a profit of $ 300, 00 in case of market conditions are favorable, and when the market conditions are unfavorable the company makes $ 50, 000 losses. Based on the decision tree, the EMV of this decision in $150000


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