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Online college bookstore business plan

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With the increased penetration of e-commerce, there has been a surge of online businesses. This has significantly increased the competition between e-businesses with customers who are looking for: trustworthy, simple and easy to navigate websites. Another factor that plays a critical role in e-business is search engine optimization of a website. All these factors rely heavily on the layout and design of the site (Newman & Landay, 1999). For easy optimization of the site and increased user friendliness, careful considerations have to be made. The website should also satisfy the goals of the company. To put all these considerations in place, there is a need for designers to make a mock-up of the website. The benefits of using a mock-up are that it is easier to edit and presents the expected look of the website before the costly process of website development (WebDuck Designs, 2011). This paper shall present the process of planning for Read-more Bookshop website. The Planning involves, cost estimation, site map, raw layout and a graphical mock-up of the website.
Goals The major goal of Read-more Bookshop is that people should find it easy to buy books and provide the books at an affordable price online. The customers will be able to carry out their transactions in a secured environment. The Read-more bookshop should be user friendly and easy to navigate to find the various books in various categories. The system should also make it easy for the administrator to handle sales and order processes.

online business expansion proposal

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With the fast growth of popularity of the Internet, it has become an area for businesses trading companies. The transfer of business in the Internet allows the traders to increase their profits and become more competitive in the modern world. In this paper, I am going to make a proposal of starting an online business. It will be the internet shop of the books. The paper will also discuss the options of starting a business in the Internet, the possible difficulties that can await this business along the way, and how to overcome these difficulties. The goal would be to expand the popularity of e-business and make it viable in online space..............

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