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supply chain management and organization performance

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Opening Remarks Supply chain management is an important element of business for all industries. The management, control, and advancement of a chosen system combine to create the pinnacle of a company’s success. The following report will be a compilation of options and recommendations for the company based on the most recent information available for this field of study.
II. Supply Chain Strategies The supply chain strategy a company chooses is an important factor that is highly dependent on the type of business the company conducts, but is dependent on the efficiency of the system chosen. Because our company is producing products to be sold in retail outlets, it is important to employ a strategy that will permit fast turnover. Below is an evaluation of the options available for company trial and a recommendation based on the facts. The virtual company is the most modern supply chain strategy being tried by enterprises around the globe. This type of corporate organization involves a parent company, outsourcing different tasks to subsidiaries

Compuworld Simulation Analysis report

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Compuworld Simulation Report This short dissertation will be a culmination of ideas which would have positively impacted the product decisions involved in the simulation results of “CompuWorld”. Elements of this document will reflect an adequate evaluation of key elements of product cost, marketing, design, manufacturing, marketing, and expansion. Results are purely suppositional and reasonable adjustments thought of by the observer. Overall, Compuworld accomplished its goals for customer demand but failed to allocate company resources to adequately promote their brand or facilitate company and product expansion, internationally and domestically. The following will be a detailed explanation of exactly what faulty business practices lead to these results. \
I. Analysis Based on Prompts A1 through A4
A. Product Design Product design within the simulation revolved around the most trendy and comfortable design for the company. Although Compuworld attempted to produce the trendiest and stay upto-date with the latest consumer technological desires and products, they failed to differentiate their product market.

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