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kennedy v. state 323 se2d 169 summary

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Kennedy v. State, 323 S.E. 2d 169 (Ga. App. 1984)


On 23rd September 1981, at around 4am, a log cabin belonging to Henry Xavier Kennedy was reported burning, eventually becoming completely destroyed. In the cabin area most affected by the fire, police found a hot plate with its switch in the ‘on’ position. The police also reported that kerosene appeared to have been poured near the hot plate area, and this was what had caused the fire to spread. Through the investigation, police found out that Kennedy had renewed a $40,000 insurance policy just five days before the incident took place. Further investigation showed that a building business owned by Mr. Kennedy was slow. Additionally, despite the fact that Kennedy had an alibi that proved he was not in the cabin from midnight to about 4am, police testified that an incendiary device could have been set to start the fire before midnight (Campbell & Ohm, 2007).

Knowledge and Individual Power

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Knowledge and Individual Power

The assumptions and the broad generalization about knowledge and individual power are that knowledge and mental superiority over other things results in the love of power by an individual. The individual dominates over others due to his consciousness and knowledge. Knowledge also makes the individual have power over others who are thought to be weak since the individual is aware that all men are not created equal.

Knowledge is the broad awareness about something. It helps answer the questions what, why, where, how and when concerning something. Individual power may either be physical or intellectual. Skills and strength to do things is the physical power while recognition, recall, curiosity, reasoning, imagination and so on is the intellectual power. From the prewriting, it can be assumed that knowledge in a broader sense may mean physical ………..

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